When Senate Correspondents Attack. . . And Local News Covers It

priorities_people_prioritiesWe'd been hearing about the fisticuffs between reporters in the Senate press gallery for awhile, but figured that the moment to comment had passed. And then we saw the fabulous slide show put together by a local New York news outfit. Compensating for the blurriness of the video, they give the whole thing explanatory captions:

"As everyone was leaving, two members of the media got physical." . . . "A shorter reporter in a blue shirt runs up to a taller man in a blue shirt on camera and says he was blocking his view and wouldn't move." . . . "The taller man responded, saying 'you're crazy.' Then, the shorter man said, 'You're crazy, man.'". . . "The taller man is moved out of the room." . . . "The smaller man wants more."
It's like you're there.

The writing is poetry, but if we had to pick a favorite image, it's no contest: The one where the guy filming the fight realizes he has news-filler gold in front of him and waves back the people in the way who, I dunno, might have been reporting or something. And he's not even from Fox!

Two journalists got into a scuffle Thursday following a news conference on homeland security by Senators Tom Daschle, Charles Schumer and Hillary Clinton. [WNBC]


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