When We Hear a Politically-Themed Satirical Song, We Reach for Our Revolver

We're not quite heartless enough to mock benefits for deserving charities, but... well, we're about to mock a benefit for a deserving charity. Because the theme of the benefit is "The Funniest Celebrity in Washington."

Hey, Washington isn't an inherently unfunny place -- Dave Chappelle! Others, presumably! -- but here's the line-up:

funnyceleb.jpgOh, man. There's a whole lotta funny in that list. A soul-deadening amount of funny.

But you should still buy a ticket. Because the less fortunate should not be punished for the sins of journalists.

(Important note to everyone in Washington: PLEASE STOP TELLING MATT COOPER THAT HE'S FUNNY.)

The Funniest Celebrity in Washington Hall of Fame Benefit [DCImprov]


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