Where is Washingtonienne?

We're starting to feel a little bad about Washingtonienne. Here she was, just keeping a public blog about how she let Bush appointees have butt sex with her in exchange for money and how she turned a little spanking episode into a minor senatorial office inside joke and then we link to her and now the site is gone.

What could have possibly gone wrong?

It's not like any Hill staffers read Wonkette and maybe could have figured out Washingtonienne's real identity and then marched her right out the door. If they were Wonkette readers, they simply would have given their silence on the issue in exchange for sex. (And if Washingtonienne is anything like us, she would have written about silence-for-sex thing the very next day.)

In any case, we hope Washingtonienne isn't gone for good. And we hope she still has a job. A real one. Not the ass-fucking one. (That's really more of a profitable hobby.) If you did get your walking papers today, sweetie, drop us a line. We'll see what we can do.

(And, uhm, if anyone else has heard about some sudden dismissal of a female staffer this afternoon. . . We'll think of something to trade.)

A Girl After Our Own Heart (She's So Getting a Book Deal Out of This) [Wonkette]


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