• Here is today's obligatory "No Muslim Churches at Ground Zero" thing. It brings up a lot of great points (i.e. 9/11) so make sure you read it in its entirety. [RedState]

  • Governor Paterson vetoed important sippy cup legislation. What else is there to say? New York wants to keep the sippy cup down. [Daily Intel]

  • Matt Yglesias finally explains his postmodern concept of "the pundit's fallacy" (when Andrew Breitbart convinces the White House that Shirley Sherrod is a huge racist). [Matt Yglesias]

  • There is feverish warblogging going on at the global warming conspiracy hub ScienceBlogs. Nerds. [The Daily Dish]

  • If you were tricked into buying a broken iPhone from Steve Jobs, please help the free market mend its tarnished reputation by downloading this chic Ayn Rand fart app. [Hit & Run]


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