Where's Your Mayor Now?

Jesus, left, and dead mayor, right. - WonketteThe beloved mayor of Rosemont, Illinois, died just two months ago after more than 50 years as the leader of the busy village. But Mayor Donald Stephens angrily vowed to return to our dimension should his son ruin his legacy.

"He told me, you screw things up, I'm gonna haunt you," said his 44-year-old son Bradley.

Apparently things have been screwed up: A tree stands outside the village's health club -- a tree that Donald Stephens twice saved from the chainsaw. And now the 4,200 people of Rosemont see their dead mayor's angry face in the bark. They have placed a candle and, uhm, a barricade near the tree and consult it like an Oracle.

But a local heretic who works as the gym's membership director insists it's not the mayor at all. "I see Jesus," she lied.

Some see dead mayor's face in sycamore tree [CNN]


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