Whore got yer tongue? - WonketteThe answer, of course, is ALL OF THEM, but what we really mean is "Which member of the Ohio delegation in the House has also ordered hookers from the DC Madam?" Larry Flynt is supposedly about to reveal this, maybe tomorrow or some other day. Meanwhile, let's meet the candidates.

The least interesting choice is Bob Ney, because he's already in prison or something and resigned from Congress and went to rehab. So there's not a lot more he could do -- maybe take off the toupee and freak out the squares?

The most interesting choice is Jean "Mean Jean" Schmidt, because WTF? The most unlikely choice is Dennis Kucinich, due to having a newish hot wife; plus, the hooker-user is obviously a Republican. But the most satisfying (and likely) choice is House Minority Leader Smokin' John Boehner -- you go ahead and pronounce it "Bayner," and we'll let history decide our pronunciation.

Rumor: Ohio Republican Implicated In Hooker Scandal [Buckeye State]


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