Which Crazy Person's Movie Will Be Shown At Democratic Convention?


This is one of many great short films submitted to something called Cinemocracy.org, which is the official film festival of the DNC in Denver! One of these lucky crazy people, hopefully this one, above, who is moaning into a 9-foot-long tube, will be the winner and get their crazy-ass little YouTube shown to 75,000 people at the Mile High Stadium when Barack Obama is anointed as the Prince of Lies, by Barbra Streisand in a Soviet-red burkini.

Or maybe this one, which is a terrible sort of "rap" video about FEMA concentration camps, will be shown while Mark Warner pulls off his Nixon mask and reveals that he, too, is wearing a burkini.

Oh and here are the new stars of animation, the makers of the popular apocalyptic movie "Wall-E," with their new hit global-warming satire, "Oh my god the ice caps have taken over most of the world, which is just a vile chicken slum anyways so who cares?"

Watch another five-hundred of these goddamned things over here, at the website, and don't forget to vote for your favorite (the first one) which will be shown on all screens throughout the weeklong Democratic Convention.



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