Which Famous Politician Would You Impregnate At Prom? Andrew Sullivan Already Has Dibs On Cheney


  • House Republican Eric Cantor responded to some of his critics with the most verboten of language, a sinful technical foul of our Constitution that just last month forced beloved Rod Blagoveich to perform for mercy on the David Letterman program. [HuffPost]
  • Another reprehensible instance of GOTCHA!-prepared-statement-giving-to-the-editorial-board-of-a-newspaper from the so-called "MSM": Steve Austria, the Republican Kaiser of Ohio, blames America's original great depression ("The Great Depression") on FDR, despite FDR taking office four years after its start. [Matthew Yglesias]
  • Barack Obama has now taken to ambiguously insulting Joe Biden -- incidentally and in an off-puttingly earnest way -- in public. All this is to avenge Justice Roberts' honor. [Los Angeles Times]
  • About half of America believes that a bunch of possible random names selected from the phone book -- a group that in all likelihood would consist solely local mid-priced Italian restaurants -- could do a better job in Congress than actual Congress. [Hit & Run]
  • George W. Bush: kind of hot in high school. Andrew Sullivan prefers Dick Cheney though, which, ew. [Daily Dish]

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