Which Horrible Democrat Failure Will Determine Your Vote This Year?

On the website of VOLPAC -- the PAC of former Senate majority leader Dr. Bill Frist -- there is a "2008 Republican Leadership Survey," where the good Doctor Frist wants your take on some of the important issues this election season. You know, things along the lines of, "If the Democrats claim to want to do such great things for America, then why are they gay?" Or, as Stephen Colbert likes to say, "George W. Bush -- great president, or the greatest president?" Some of our favorites from this survey, below.

Umm, are we forgetting the War on Saddam Hussein Obama -- the thing that put Freedom on the March forever?:

The Democrats molest small farm animals and lobsters. What's your favorite color of the rainbow?:

2008 Republican Leadership Survey [VOLPAC]


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