Which Senators Are America's Hobo Kings?

With all this talk about Chris Dodd and Kent Conrad getting SWEETHEART MORTGAGE DEALS giving them literally fractions of a percentage point off their mortgage interest and fees, it's instructive to find out how many of America's senators evenhave mortgages. A shocking number do not, which means they are either living in cardboard boxes like 99% of their bankrupted constituents, or they paid off their houses in 1957, back when John McCain was running for his first term. Find out what Politico's intrepid researchers dug up, after the jump.

Let's see here...Barbara Boxer had TWO mortgages through Countrywide, America's Subprime Villain, but paid them off two years ago. Fat Cat Hillary Clinton has a loan through Citibank for her house in New York but owns her DC digs outright. Carl Levin lives under a hill in a snuggly little cave with a perfectly round door. Arlen Specter sleeps in a ditch.

So yeah, pretty much what you'd expect.

Mortgage Loans - Senate [Politico]


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