While Their Members Are Away the Staff Will Play

It's recess time, and Craigslist has seen a significant uptick in staffer-seeking-staffer (and their staffs) ads. They range from the curious: "Looking for an IM chat buddy that maybe could blossom into a real life friendship. We could share our fantasies, share racy adventures we've had. In general, be each others sexual confidant." To the lustily specific: "I don't care if you are a democrat or republican. Just be a good pussy licker, have a picture, and YOU MUST WORK ON THE HILL AS A STAFFER, NO EXCEPTIONS."

Actually, almost all of them make working on the Hill a prerequisite, which suggests an elaborate sting operation or, uhm, something really fucked up and inbred about the Hill. In any case, we are happy to see almost all of them embrace the, uh, spirit of bipartisanship:

Democrat? I'll suck you off under your desk.

Republican? I'll let you do me in the ass.

Which just about sums up the current balance over there, really.

Personals search for "staffer" [Craigslist]


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