Dick and Condi were, too. Photos from last week, when Chinese President Hu Jintao visited the White House:



Sorry for not blogging about this earlier! Guess we were asleep at the blogging wheel. Or maybe we were just "looking at our notes."

(The Condi photo, by the way, lends support to the rumor that our superwoman Secretary of State occasionally naps at her desk.)

Also in the "we-meant-to-blog-about-this-last-week" file: the paparazzi shots of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's bare butt (or, as the British tabloid The Sun referred to it, her "Bumdestag"). Photographers grabbed the shot while Chancellor Merkel changed into her bathing suit.

(After the jump, a not-safe-for-the-workplace photo of the German rump parliament. WARNING: Before clicking on the "More" button below, make sure your boss isn't around.)

President Hu's White House Visit [AFP/Getty Images]

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