laura bush.jpgLast night Laura Bush appeared on Larry King Live. We were out drinking and playing poker at the time, but we taped the segment -- we're that diligent. Now we're tuned in to what we missed.

Larry's sporting a purple shirt, dark blue suspenders, and a dreadfully busy tie. Laura is wearing a wool knit suit in a pleasant shade of pale pink. (Or is that white? Do we need a new TV?) She has a nice glossy-and-glassy look to her, emphasized by lip gloss that's so bright it reflects light.

The talk begins with heart disease, which Laura has taken up as a cause. Larry asks Laura if she has been personally affected by heart disease; she says no. What about friends? Laura mentions a friend from Midland, Texas. Hey, what about Cheney?

Continued observations appear after the jump.

Larry asks Laura about the twins and what was the biggest problem in raising them. Laura alludes vaugely to "the same problems you have in raising any children." You know, like staying out too late and drinking too much...

Now, the most interesting part of the interview:

KING: There was an article in the "Washington Post" today saying that, when President Reagan ran into problems in his second term, Nancy sort of took some clout and power and suggested and put through some changes, administrative changes. Do you think that's necessary?

L. BUSH: Well, you know, I saw the article. And I know what advice you're telling me the person gave me and the writer gave me.

KING: Sally Quinn.

L. BUSH: And I think it's interesting that -- and this is so typical of Washington, that on the front page of the "Style" section would be the advice to the first lady, but I take advice to heart. I really do.

First, we're glad to know that Laura reads the Style section -- those trees didn't die in vain. Second, Laura delivers the "this is so typical" line in genial fashion, but you can see the pique bubbling up just beneath the pleasant exterior. She reminds us of her husband.

KING: Well, what did you think of the advice?

L. BUSH: Well, I mean, I think there's some of it that's right and some of it that isn't, of course. And I know that the view from outside is a lot different from the view that George and I have inside, with each other, by ourselves. And there's certainly some advice I would feel free to give him and do; there's other advice that I really don't think I should give him.

KING: Like personnel?

L. BUSH: Well, no, I mean, I would certainly -- that's one of the things we do talk about the most, our personalities.

KING: Oh, yes?

L. BUSH: And I know everyone as well as he does who works here. I mean, I've worked with them, also. And so, you know, certainly, I would give him that kind of advice.

Wouldn't we all love to hear that pillow talk! Unfortunately, in contrast to the Clinton White House -- where we knew exactly who got along with Hillary and who didn't -- the Bush White House is a much tighter ship (for the most part).

Speaking of Hillary (since Larry, like the rest of us, can't help himself):

KING: Have you spoken to Hillary since her criticism of this government and yours of her?

L. BUSH: Sure, she went to the funeral, Coretta Scott King funeral, she and President Clinton did, rode with us on Air Force One to Atlanta.

KING: Did you talk about that?

L. BUSH: No, we don't talk about that. You know, it's sort of like -- in politics, you have a way you are when you're together with people, and I guess a way you can sound when you're separate, what you might say when you're on the campaign trail. And we all know that.

The interview closes with this fascinating exchange:

KING: Would Secretary Rice make a good president?

L. BUSH: She'd make an excellent president, but I don't think we can talk her into running.


L. BUSH: I don't think so. I think she sincerely does not want to run, but I wish she would.

KING: Want to go back to college?

L. BUSH: I think she probably wants to move back to California and have a wonderful, you know, life, post-secretary of state. But she's a wonderful secretary of state for our country. She would be a great president.

It's nice to imagine the most powerful people in our country sitting around and dishing -- talking about their jobs and lives, hopes and dreams, just like the rest of us. We can just picture Laura trying to convince Condi to run against Hillary, as they their sip cups of General Foods International Coffee. Sigh...

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