Whispers About W's Relationship with Paper Doll


Lots of email coming in about today's Air Force One Flat Stanley siting. Friendly "ambassador for children's literacy"? Maybe. Or maybe that's just code for "gay escort." So how come this colorful little whore has been getting hug time with the president since 2003 when MoDo can't even magically beam her way into the press room whenever she feels like it? And why the fake name? Is "Flat Mark" easier to pronounce than "Flat Stanley"? Well, you know what, busybodies? Who cares! Look how happy he makes the president. Sometimes a mature older gentleman needs a tiny cartoon boy to talk with about giraffes and stuff. Live and let live—it's America.

Flat Mark Has The Next Prime Minister's Ear [Globe and Mail]

Guests on AF1 [Wonkette]


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