Great news! Nobody was murdered when a big crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters got shot at by three white guys in Minneapolis last night. Five people were injured, with one having surgery on his stomach overnight, but nobody died. And that's it for good news, all, because this story is rage.

First up: Above are the dudes Black Lives Matter protesters say came to their Minneapolis police demonstration -- and shot them. They identify themselves as "Saiga Marine" and "Blight Power Black Powder Ranger."

"We're gonna go see what these dindus are up to," they say, and you excuse yourself real quick to look up "dindu" on the Internet and find that it means an "innocent African American who din du nothin'," haw haw haw, great one, 4chan assholes!

Perhaps you've noticed that the date on that video is Nov. 20; that is because the BLM folks say these dudes showed up for several days in a row, "acting shady."

Second up: after these guys fired on the large crowd, hitting five people -- right outside a police precinct, and then getting away -- the cops moseyed over and MACED THE PROTESTERS.

At least, that's what the protesters say. The cops who just last week said the protesters maced themselves (in a different macing "incident") declined to make the same assertion last night to the New York Times, perhaps out of fear the reporter would just look at them silently, letting the ridiculous assertion hang in the air.

This is from Nov. 18:

Stop macing yourself! Stop macing yourself!

And this is from this morning:

Some witnesses said on Twitter that they had been sprayed with Mace by the police following the shooting, including an organizer who was trying to film the aftermath, Ms. Noor said. The police did not respond to that accusation in a news release, and a police spokesman declined to answer questions beyond what was written in the statement.


That's all this week (hopefully) in #AllLivesMatter.

[NYT / Pastebin]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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