White House Briefing Room Just A Nest Of Lunatics


It turns out that your Jake Tappers and Chuck Todds are in the minority when it comes to White House correspondents. Upwards of 98 percent of the people attending the White House's daily press briefings are nutballs who don't even write for news organizations and love tosteal Politico's chair. These insane people just like to hang out there, because it feels like "family" or "home" to them, spending hours in this cramped, low-ceilinged little bunker with Helen Thomas.

Every president participates in the grand tradition of handing out press passes to non-journalist types. For example, the Bush administration famously granted press privileges to a gay hooker who later became a famous celebrity when he asked Barack Obama about his plumbing license.

Who will the next Obama adminstration superstar be? Our money's on the old lady who comes to every press briefing and sits in the back row, eating houseflies.

Wacky Wafers In the White House Briefing Room [Washington Post]


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