scott mcclellan.jpgScott McClellan: "Please, Mr. Vice-President -- don't shoot!"

We just watched part of the White House briefing about Dick Cheney's accidental shooting of his hunting partner -- no, not the duck-hunting Justice Scalia, but the quail-hunting Harry Whittington, a Texas lawyer. While we were watching, we IM'd with Ana Marie Cox, Wonkette Emerita and fairy godmother (IM names are pseudonyms):

Original Wonkette: This briefing is SO FUNNY.

Original Wonkette: "when did the president become aware that the vice president had shot someone?"

Original Wonkette: "would this be much more serious if the man had died?"


New Wonkettes: The jokes write themselves. What were the answers to these fabulous questions?

Original Wonkette: answers immaterial. not like scotty says anything anyway.

Original Wonkette: they also kept referring to Cheney as "the shooter" as tho he were the BTK killer or something

New Wonkettes: Fox News observes that "Scott McClennan is earning his pay today."

Original Wonkette: in continuing to not answer questions, yes

New Wonkettes: Fox News guy says it's a "tempest in a teapot" -- from a PR perspective, a tempest named "Katrina."

Original Wonkette: its shotgun pellets in a lawyer, that's what it is

Original Wonkette: new jargon alert!

Original Wonkette: also toward the end of the "shooter" section he said something like "let me stay on this subject for a little while," which is understandable. this is the only WH controversy where it's pretty clear no laws WERE broken.

Original Wonkette: compared to Plame thing this is cake

Update: Here is the transcript of this afternoon's press conference.


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