White House Celebrates Cinco de Quatro

mariachi.jpgWait, didn't the Minuteman Project shut down illegal mariachi crossings? At the Casa de Blanco's Cinco de Quatro celebration yesterday, mariachi band members "hollered out their greetings" when Presidente Bush acknowledged Eduardo Aguirre, director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Perhaps realizing he was surrounded by potential terrorists, Bush joked instead of panicking. "These guys said they want to get to know you, Eduardo," Bush exclaimed. And then added, "By the way, tell your wives Bernie Kerik's looking for a new au pair." OK, we're kidding about that last quote. And we shouldn't, we know, because illegal mariachi crossing is serious business. Even if it turns out they're not terrorists, they're taking jobs from American mariachi bands, and that's not right.

Bush Celebrates Cinco De Mayo a Day Early [AP]

President Celebrates Cinco de Mayo [White House]


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