White House Gets Their Ethics "Refreshed"

The news that Harriet Miers would be leading the White House's "refresher" courses on ethics and the handling of classified documents made us wonder if she'd the same approach in the seminars are she did in her correspondence with George Bush. Perhaps she'll indulge in her penchant for Hallmark Greetings -- as we suspected she might had she gotten to the Supreme Court. It was have to be yet another new line, of course. Perhaps something like

W's enemies are sniping

You want to tell what we share

But keep you trap shut

No matter who sent whom to Niger

And this one, just for Scotty:
You can't blame David Gregory

He's got a leak fixation

But when he says "Scooter Libby"

You say "ongoing investigation."

And, of course, there will be condolences....

The Stick Is Sorry
Are U.S. secrets the "most confidential ever!" or what? Presumably, nepotism is covered in a separate session.

White House gets ethics lesson [WT]

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