white%20house.jpgThe polls in our White House Hotties contest -- click here to vote in the women's race, and here to vote in the men's -- will stay open until Monday at 10 AM. As of Saturday afternoon, Taylor Hughes leads the women, and David Copley leads the men.

But there's still time for their competition to catch up. And as we enter the home stretch, the hotties and their supporters are pulling out all the stops. Campaign strategies are being crafted; dirty tricks are being played. Accusations of improper conduct -- and vigorous responses thereto -- are flying.

After the jump -- i.e., click on that pointing finger indicating "More" -- you can check out the latest claims and defenses.

First, advocates of Mary Anne Calamas want to respond to the charges leveled against them by the partisans of Emily House (a.k.a. "Team Emily"). One of Mary Anne's supporters, Jeff Segal, writes:

I'd like to stand up for my archaeologist friend and put to rest the speculation that he was behind the nomination -- it was I, the Eric Clapton to Ben and Mary Anne's George & Patty Harrison. Although Team WhoreHouse wants to drag this race into the gutter, I have faith that the Wonkette public will see through their shenanigans and vote for the true Hottie.

Jeff - you can use my name... I'm not afraid of Emily's goons.

Jeff may not have known this, but Mary Anne's boyfriend, Benjamin Bradshaw, also wrote in to nominate her (and there's nothing wrong with that; his email was very sweet). But Ben does want to rebut the charge that he has voted multiple times:

I am surprised that such a fine news source as Wonkette is willing to broadcast such unsubstantiated allegations as have been levelled against me. The truth of the matter is that I do not have the resources as an archaeologist to mount any sort of campaigns aside from the eternal campaign of paying rent.

As I am using a dial-up connection in Gloucester County, VA (I'll wait while you try to find it on a map), I do not have the patience or time to vote repeatedly, as alleged. Aside from the few emails to friends and families, Ms. Calamas has earned her votes by the sheer radiance of her own beauty.


Benjamin Bradshaw (aka Hairy Jewish Liberal)

There have also been charges of campaigning on the men's side -- which we don't have a problem with, but perhaps others might view it as overzealous or embarrassing. Here's an email from a White House tipster:

Apparently there is a voting campaign on the men's side. Josh McCoy has sent out no less than three emails encouraging votes for Ben Wilmoth and held a strategy session. What is a guy doing leading a campaign for another guy to be voted hot? Does Ben not have any girl friends?

Ouch! But now we're curious about this Josh McCoy character. Is he a hottie who was unfortunately passed over during the nominations process? Is he trying to enjoy a vicarious victory through his friend Ben?

If so, Josh has his work cut out for him. As of Saturday at 3:30 PM, Ben Wilmoth has 279 votes. Wilmoth is far behind the first and second place hotties right now, Dave Copley (666 votes -- yikes!) and Jeb Mason (573 votes).

But over 36 hours of quality voting time remain -- and as everyone in politics knows, it ain't over 'til it's over.


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