White House Photographer Not Even Trying


Okay, famous White House photographer Pete Souza, we realize it's August and nobody wants to work at all and there's nothing very news-y happening and everybody's on vacation WE GET IT, fine, but we're still sort of working and you are still supposed to be working, yet there is one (1) White House photo added to the Official Presidential Flickr for the entire week, and it is lame.

What is even happening, in this picture? Is that the Sultan-Caliph of the Ottoman Empire, visiting in his Magickal Thyme Machine? No it is just some American Legion old feller who won't even take off his freakin' Shriners' Fez when he meets with the President of America, inside the White House.

And the bowl of apples? BLURRY. Fail, Pete Souza, Fail. Remember when you were into it, a few months ago? [White House Flickr]


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