Yesterday, after Andrew Card's resignation was announced, we speculated that Treasury Secretary John W. Snow might be the next Administration official to step down. A reader offered this support for the gossip: "I live across the street from Sec'y Snow, and I never see him or his security detail anymore. The guy's fuckin' done."

scott%20mcclellan%202.JPGBut Snow's not the only one who may be on his way out. A Wonkette operative offers up two other names: White House counselor Dan Bartlett, and everyone's favorite press secretary, Scott McClellan. In terms of timing, look for them to be gone "by the summer." No word yet on possible replacements for Bartlett or McClellan; "Nicolle Wallace is likely to stay as communications director."

As for incoming chief of staff Josh Bolten, our source opines that he has his work cut out for him: "What Bolten will find -- and he probably already knows -- is that the WH is full of supremely talented people who are awful managers of other people."

We've said it before, we'll say it again (because it can't be said enough): Good luck, Yosh!

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Yosh Up, Card Down: Meet the New Chief of Staff


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