White House Staffer Crafts PBS Guidelines

For years, the federal government has shelled out millions to support the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and for what? Cooking shows? Bill Moyers' liberal propaganda? No wonder petty despots like Kim Jong-Il think they can take on President Bush. While they control their state-run TV networks with iron fists, Bush gets less air time on PBS than Miss Marple. Luckily, things may finally be changing. Says the NY Times: "In late March, on the recommendation of administration officials, [the Corporation for Public Broadcasting] hired the director of the White House Office of Global Communications as a senior staff member....While she was still on the White House staff, she helped draft guidelines governing the work of two ombudsmen whom the corporation recently appointed to review the content of public radio and television broadcasts."

Republican Chairman Exerts Pressure on PBS, Alleging Biases [NY Times]


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