White House to Correspondents: Killing Them Softly

Sources at the White House Correspondents' Association say that this afternoon will be the first meeting of all the networks and news organizations to walk through the White House's proposed renovations of the press briefing room and media workspace. It is expected to be testy -- our source says that the members are suspicious that the WH and the GSA can actually pull off the temporary move and the major overhaul on schedule, though, to be fair, the WH has learned a lot from Iraq.

Also, the WH correspondent job just got sexier! The only thing missing before, after all, was a little life-risking. Now, the WHCA has learned that the briefing room and workspace may contain asbestos. (Like we said, the administration has learned from Iraq.) So if Jeff Gannon starts coughing a lot, well, pay attention. Who knows what he'll cough up?


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