White House To Press: Pls Do Not Stalk Obama Girls


Because there is no news this August except for the news about the moral and physical decline of America due to Death Panel rationing, an increasingly bored press corps turns to the Obama family for succor. "Enh, there's this bit aboutMichelle and her shorts," they say to each other, and that's good for a day or two. But what shall they do next week?

With the aid of their pervy stalker macro zoom lenses, they shall terrorize two little girls on vacation, at the beach. Helpful White House press secretary Robert Gibbs would prefer to keep this sort of idiocy to a minimum. Of course, if he was really serious about the press respecting their privacy he'd have the president bomb Mexico, as a distraction.

White House Asks Media to Let Obama Girls Enjoy Their Vacation [Washington Post]


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