White House Twitter Safe From Gibbsian Censor-Trolls


Good news, sheeple: the most important instrument in our democracy, Twitter,is not "blocked on White House computers," and Robert Gibbs will be sent to Turkish prison for a thousand years because he lied about this on the C-SPAN.

Or rather, Twitter IS blocked on "official" White House computers, for now, but the communications office people are working with the White House counsel and CIO to relax those restrictions, and meanwhile the people who do the twittering -- Obama's new media nerds -- all work outside the White House, in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

The larger point here is that what Twitters do exist from @WhiteHouse come from a legitimate source working on government-issued computers and servers, not a pack of sinister creeps evading records retention statues by twittering quietly from that private Tennessee pedophile cave you've heard so much about.

Twitter Not Blocked In White House, As It Turns Out [Mediaite]


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