White House War on Transcripts, Continued

Poor Lied To ScottyWe're glad to see that someone did some of that reporting thing and asked the White House about their press briefing transcript commissar-disappearing act. As you may recall, CQ reported that the WH's official transcript of the Oct. 31 briefing differed dramatically from the independent transcripts provided CQ and the Federal News Service. The former had McClellan stiffly contradicting the assertion that Scooter Libby and Karl Rove "had conversations" about Valerie Plame: "I don’t think that's accurate." According to CQ and FNS, McClellan was more candid: "That's accurate." The White House stands by their version, with flak Dana Perino arguing she knows it to be correct because "the White House stenographer was in the room and I was in the room." We've watched the video and we have to say, if Perino was in the room it wasn't the briefing room. It was Room 101.

White House Stands by 'Not Accurate' Quote in Dispute [E&P]

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