Trump Econ Loon Peter Navarro Threatens LOCK HER UPS For Dr. Fauci In Newsmax Rant

Can someone give this guy a chew toy so he shuts up already?

If you crossed a chihuahua with Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver, you'd wind up with Peter Navarro.

Donald Trump's former economic adviser, plucked from obscurity by Jared Kushner after an Amazon search for "China U Suck" (more or less), fancies himself an expert in all things, from epidemiology, to the Electoral Count Act, to executive privilege. There is no subject on which he will not yap with the utmost confidence, and in his actual area of expertise, he steered Trump into a disastrous trade war with China that was not, in fact, "good and easy to win."

And that was before he saddled the federal government with 63 million doses of hydroxybonermectin and forced states to bid against each other for ventilators and PPE. This is a guy so committed to being wrong that he had to invent an anagram alter ego to agree with himself in his books. Yet here he is twitching like a speed freak with Newsmax's Eric Bolling and threatening to do LOCK HER UPS to Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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Welcome To Being In Charge Of Calling Peter Doocy An Idiot, Karine Jean-Pierre!

Live on WonkTV!

It is her first day!

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Right Wing Extremism

Elise Stefanik Can’t Outrun Her Racist Great Replacement Rants

This is who she is.

Friday the 13th, the day before a white gunman drove three hours to murder Black people at a grocery store, GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik from New York, the third-highest ranking Republican in the House, tweeted:

The Republican Party is the party of parents, babies, grandparents, families, and patriotic Americans.

Today’s Democrat Party is the party of Socialists, illegals, criminals, Communist Truth Ministers, & media stenographers. This is why there will be a #RedTsunami in November.

Dan Rather presciently responded, “‘Us' and ‘Them.' Vitriol, hate, and division. I have seen where this rhetoric leads. It is chilling and dangerous.”

Saturday, we all saw where the type of rhetoric Stefanik is pushing inevitably leads. The gunman’s white supremacist manifesto may have said he was radicalized on 4chan, but its content wasn’t so different from Fox News's primetime content or the public statements of Republican leadership.

PREVIOUSLY: Racist Kills Ten People In Hopes Of Convincing Nation To Not ‘Replace’ Him

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White Nonsense

66 Times Elizabeth Olsen Was Hilarious And Wholesome Behind The Scenes! Tabs, Mon., May 16, 2022

Come and get your Tabs!

The racist murder spree in Buffalo reflects the hatred Fox News and even elected Republicans pump out daily. (Washington Post)

Let us never forget the human lives lost. (Twitter)

The Texas Supreme Court overturned an injunction that prevented child abuse investigations of parents who helped provide gender-affirming care for their trans kids. These people are monsters. (CNN)

WNBA star Brittney Griner will spend another month in Russian detention. It’s as if she’s actually been convicted of something. (The Week)

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