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It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Today's White House Press Briefing That CNN Probably Won't Carry Live!

Wonkette News Network gotchu.

Wonkette said we were going to livestream these things daily, and we are THREE DAYS IN A ROW in remembering. Go us!

Can we make it four days in a row? Just you wait, you'll see!

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GOP Senator Calls Deb Haaland Lawless Drug Pusher In Perfectly Normal Confirmation Hearing

Yes, he was on about grizzly bears again, too.

Congresswoman Deb Haaland's confirmation hearings continued yesterday, treating the Interior secretary nominee to a second day of Republicans calling her a dangerous radical who wants to kill all the jobs by having the same environmental agenda as dangerous radical Joe Biden. The ranking Republican on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, John Barrasso (Wyoming), got downright nasty yesterday, but after the hearing, committee chair Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) announced his support for Haaland's nomination, so she'll have enough votes to be confirmed.

Haaland has often said that, as a "35th-generation American," her heritage as a member of the Laguna Pueblo tribe will help make her a good manager of public lands. If confirmed, she would be the first-ever Native American cabinet secretary, but Native News Online points out that, in the first day of the hearing at least, not a single Republican on the committee bothered to make note of that bit of history. That's even though five Republicans on the committee — Barrasso, Steve Daines, Lisa Murkowski, James Lankford, and John Hoeven — are current or former members of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. Not much of a surprise -- they came to bury Haaland, not to suggest her nomination is significant in any way.

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White House

Another White House Press Briefing That's Probably TOO BORING For CNN To Air

So watch it here!

As we told you yesterday, it seems CNN has decided not to carry White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki's press briefings live anymore, we guess because they are too boring and not lie-filled and enraging like they were during the Trump years. Maybe CNN will today! Maybe they were all ashamed when they saw Wonkette's post about it, and everybody at CNN is in Slack right now talking about how Wonkette has outdone them as a news network and they feel bad about it.

Regardless, here is your daily livestream for the press briefing, the one where Psaki doesn't lie like a common Kayleigh McEnany. According to Politico Playbook, she will brief today along with Covid officials, so maybe we'll hear about that new Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which sounds like it works just fine. Psaki might also talk about how Linda Thomas-Greenfield will be sworn in as the new UN ambassador today, and Tom Vilsack will be sworn in as ag secretary.

And who knows what else might happen! Watch it to find out. Starts at 12:30 Eastern!

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Conspiracy Theories

CPAC Cancel Cultures Anti-Semitic Dipsh*t From CPAC Cancel Culture Conference

So much for their attempt at more diverse bigotry!

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is set to get screaming this weekend, with the engaging theme "America Uncanceled." Meeting in Florida instead of the usual DC site, the conference agenda features all sorts of fun sessions, like "Tolerance Reimagined: The Angry Mob and Violence in our Streets," "California Socialism: Promising Heaven, Delivering Hell" (featuring Rep. Devin Nunes!), and "So You've Been De-Platformed -- What Now?" Plus lots and lots of arglebargle about how Donald Trump, Friday's headliner, actually won the election, of course.

But one invited guest, a rapper and social media person who calls himself "Young Pharaoh," won't be there, the poor guy. As seems karmically mandated when you devote your conference to decrying "cancel culture," it turns out the guy had a history of posting anti-Semitic rants on Twitter and in his YouTube videos.

Don't worry if you'd never heard of the guy, who was originally listed in the CPAC program as a "Philosopher, Scholar, Musician" -- until this week, neither had Google, it seems! But as Media Matters demonstrated, Young Pharaoh's Twitter account (now suspended) offered a potpourri of anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories, mixed with New Age woo and lifestyle advice. Once that came to light, the brave free speech advocates at Matt Schlapp's American Conservative Union, which sponsors CPAC, announced that Young Pharaoh had been canceled.

At least the tweet announcing the cancellation was good for some laughs, because doesn't this describe a lot of CPAC's normal content?

We're looking forward to finding out how Young Pharaoh got invited to the conference in the first place. Maybe it was his YouTube video about "SATANIC & PEDOPHILE MESSAGES IN CHILDRENS CARTOONS."

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