White Lady Can't See Why Black 'Scarecrow' Hung By Noose Is Racist

White Lady Can't See Why Black 'Scarecrow' Hung By Noose Is Racist

A racist nutjob prankster in Brooklyn thought Halloween-tyme would be the perfect occasion to hang a black dummy from a city tree by a noose and hope everyone would pass off a creepy lynching as a spooky "scarecrow," for laffs and racism. HAR HAR? No, black residents were mysteriously not entertained by the joke, and the cops were forced to show up to cut it down, just like in the olden days. But one white lady wants to know why everyone has to ruin the fun!

Here is the crazy lady interview, who from the NY1 video news report can be identified as white:

"I don't think that that portrays lynching. I mean, it's Halloween, that's part of the Halloween spirit. When I see a jack-o-lantern with a scary face on, I don't get scared and think monsters are going to come get me,” said neighbor Nicole Clemente.

Black people and nooses, it's all part of the terrifying Jesusween spirit! [NY1]


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