'White Lives Matter' Just Another Way Of Saying It's Cool To Punch White Chicks In Face If They're With Black Guys

Post-Racial America
'White Lives Matter' Just Another Way Of Saying It's Cool To Punch White Chicks In Face If They're With Black Guys

This past Saturday, about 100 Nazi assclowns gathered in Shelbyville, Tennessee, for the big "White Lives Matter" rally, only to be drowned out by over 200 counterprotesters blasting Beyoncé. The later rally, planned for Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was canceled after only three people showed up.

And that would have been the end of the story, had a group of said Nazi assclowns not decided to swing by the Corner Pub in Brentwood, Tennessee, on their way out of town. Sitting in the restaurant, enjoying a meal they had previously assumed would not come with a side of Literal Nazi, was a couple comprising a 30-year-old white woman and a 37-year-old black man.

This did not go over well with the Nazis.

Via Washington Post:

The 30-year-old woman later told police that one of the group members asked her to “guess” and that she responded “white lives matter,” police said.

“Another said ‘that’s right’ and told her to join their table and leave her boyfriend,” police said in a statement. “The argument inside apparently escalated even after the female victim had gone outside to de-escalate the situation.”

Police said another woman from the self-identified “white lives matter” group began to argue with the 30-year-old woman, who was then reportedly punched in the face by a man, causing a cut above her eye. She did not seek medical treatment, police said.

The Washington Post describes this as the Nazis "picking a fight" with the interracial couple. We would characterize it instead as "assault."

One woman at the scene caught the end part of the confrontation on video.

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Naturally, the Nazis themselves are denying that they started shit. Which seems a little unlikely. The protest wasn't in Brentwood, and for all anyone else knew, perhaps they were all coming from a community theater production of West Side Story in which they were playing The Jets.

Did you know that there are actually two "14 Words" slogans? There's the most common one, "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children," and then another, which is "Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth."


When they talk about "white genocide," the primary thing they are talking about is interracial relationships and mixed-race children. Over on their websites and message boards, they regularly convulse with anger over scientists or whomever saying that in however many years, most people will be of mixed ancestry. This is, of course, a tad outdated -- with all the DNA tests going around, more and more people (including white supremacists, sometimes!) are finding out that they are not quite as lily white as they previously thought. Hell, even genetic tests done on the Führer himself have shown that he likely had both Jewish and African ancestry. WHOOPS.

This is the very bedrock on which the whole "White Lives Matter" thing is based, this is what they see as the primary threat to their "White Lives." Now, I'm not boiling this all down to "these pathetic dudes are angry that they can't get a date, and see men of color as competition in this" -- that would be reductive, and there's a lot more to it than this. But in their incredibly fucked up worldview, white women are theirs, and interracial relationships mean they are being both cuckolded and rejected. And violent men who feel sexually threatened or rejected are men who are very, very dangerous.

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