Post-Racial America

Candace Owens Says We All Need To Just Chill The F**K Out About 'White Supremacy'

Forget all those recent murders! It's really no big deal.

The House held hearings Friday on the continued threat of white supremacy in America. This annoyed Republicans, who believe it's like holding hearings about Bigfoot but with less compelling photographic "evidence." They demonstrated their contempt for the proceedings by inviting that perpetual self-loathing machine, Candace Owens, to speak. Owens slammed the hearings as a "farce." For the record, there's absolutely zero value in the opinions of the most embarrassing black woman alive. She's stupid and hates black people. That's the extent of her special skills and training. She didn't even finish college because she realized you don't need a degree to step and fetch professionally.


OWENS: White supremacy is indeed real, but despite the media's obsessive coverage of it, it represents an isolated, uncoordinated and fringe occurrence within America.

Friday, while Owens was tap-dancing for Republican amusement, the Department of Homeland Security officially recognized white supremacist terror as a major national security threat. A white supremacist murdered 22 people in El Paso, Texas, last month. Another shot up a California synagogue in April. Intelligent people understand this is a serious problem. But Owens claims it doesn't crack her Top 100 issues. It's unclear why she's ranking issues like she works at the record store in High Fidelity. Speaking on behalf of the 3 percent of black women who don't find Trump less appealing than toe jam, Owens described the true threats to our people, which she likely read on the bathroom wall at Fox News: Surprise! It's "black-on-black crime and the breakdown of families."

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White Nonsense

Justin Trudeau Falls Flat On His Blackface


It's Thursday, so it's time for another blackface scandal. We've covered a variety of Al Jolson sightings while on the blackface beat, but this is our first with an international dateline. We learned last night that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wore blackface to an "Arabian Nights"-themed party at the private school where he was a teacher. A photograph of Trudeau insulting multiple cultures appeared in the West Point Grey Academy yearbook. This happened in spring of 2001. Trudeau was 29.


The media is calling this a "brownface" incident, but Trudeau wasn't cosplaying as the second Aunt Viv on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." He went full original recipe Viv. Joy Behar once put on "darker makeup" to look like an African queen for Halloween. That's "brownface." That was also the 1970s. Trudeau's face is blacker than Fred Astaire as Mr. Bojangles.

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Cops Behaving Badly

MusKegon Kop Kanned For Keeping Klan Kollectibles In Krib

When you're selling your house, remove personal items like Confederate flags and framed KKK applications!

There are certain things you see while house hunting that are immediate turnoffs. For us, it's vessel sinks and clawfoot tubs. Prospective home buyer Rob Mathis wasn't too picky. He probably just wanted a two-car garage, central air, and no obvious evidence that the previous owner was a white supremacist. Mathis, who is black, and his family were walking through a house in Holton, Michigan, last month and couldn't help but notice the Confederate flags on the "walls, dining room table, and even the garage." Competent realtors usually ask you to remove personal items from the residence before listing it. You want buyers to imagine themselves living there. It's not Halloween and they're not visiting a racist haunted house.

There were even more horrors waiting for Mathis in the bedroom, and we don't mean the cramped, non-functional master closet. He found to his "surprise" a framed "Klu Klux Klan" application hanging on the wall. We confess we didn't realize the Klan had literal applications, as if there were a head of inhuman resources screening them for minimum requirements and red flags (e.g. the applicant is black or Jewish). We assume there are sections for describing how much you resent race mixing and listing all your "special skills" (hating, discrimination, Excel).

Yeah, that's real.Facebook

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Culture Wars

Rudy Giuliani Took 'Blue' Anniversary of 9/11 A Little Too Literally

Here's a video that is bullshit!

September 11th, 2001 was a day that forever changed the course of history. It started a war we are still waging (Afghanistan), created new government departments (DHS, ICE), gave the government wide authorizations to violate privacy (Patriot Act), and created the security theater we all perform every time we want to go on a flight. (Because somehow a 16 ounce bottle of shampoo is bad, but two eight ounce bottles next to each other is cool. It's just science!) And as each year has passed, we've seen the anniversary of 9/11 cravenly used as a political tool, mostly by Republicans.

There is no better example of this than Trump's personal lawyer, former mayor of New York City and Nosferatu-looking fuckmouth: Rudy Giuliani.

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Post-Racial America

University Of Alabama Dean YOU'RE FIRED For Tweeting While Black

Conservatives should start defending his 'freedom of speech' any minute now ... just hold on ... any minute.

Finally, someone in Alabama is losing their job because of racist conduct! Don't get too excited. It's not Gov. Kay Ivey, who was part of a blackface comedy troupe at Auburn University. No, it's Jamie R. Riley, assistant vice president and dean of students at the University of Alabama (roll tide!). Riley resigned after less than seven months on the the job. That's a lifetime in Scaramuccis but shockingly brief for academia. What horribly offensive racist act could he have perpetrated? Well, Riley, who is black, made some controversial statements on Twitter about America and race. They were a few years old, before he even started his drive-through tenure at Alabama.

Breitbart broke the "story" about Riley's tweets, because it enjoys breaking black people. Shirley Sherrod lost her position in the Obama administration because of a Breitbart smear job. Digging through someone's Twitter feed for problematic tweets has replaced digging through someone's garbage for incriminating documents, like a take-out receipt from Olive Garden. People say a lot of racist stuff on Twitter. Ben Shapiro once marked Travyon Martin's 21st birthday with a glib joke about his shooting death. Riley however seems to have made the critical mistake of tweeting while black. You can get away with posting that MLK quote about how "hate cannot drive out hate," but anything else is risking controversy. Let's take look at Riley's terrible, awful tweets:

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Go Play With Your Fake Maps, Trump, And Leave National Treasure Debra Messing ALOOONE

Grace Adler isn't a racist or a blacklister. Trump's confused her with Republicans.

Donald Trump named names today on Twitter when he attacked private citizen Debra Messing, who made our life worth living in the '90s. The bully in chief called the "Will & Grace" star a "McCarthy-style racist." Trump speaks from experience, because he's a racist and his mentor and hero, Roy Cohn, was Joseph McCarthy's right-hooved man.

Conservative commentator Terence Williams, who is apparently black and mentally stable, tried to make the #RacistDebraMessing hashtag happen early this week. Rudy Giuliani claimed recently that liberals "demean" the word racist, but he was just talking about how we fling it around willy-nilly to describe white supremacists, especially the ones in the White House. Messing however earned the racist title because she "promoted a message calling black Trump supporters mentally ill." That's a really mean thing to say about exactly 13 black people. OK, we're not being fair. The National Center for Public Policy Research posted about Messing's "disturbing tweet" and cited a poll from always wrong Zogby being even wronger than usual and putting Trump's approval among black voters at 28 percent, or less than syphilis. Trump actually enjoys the support of "42,000 black Americans." (Don't look at us, that's their math.) Why, that's enough perfectly sane black people to form a small town. We can call it "Trumpsylvania," where the official pastime is tap dancing.

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Post-Racial America

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey INVENTED Blackface Trend, Way Before Poseur Ralph Northam

No, she won't have to resign for this. Then again, neither did Northam.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has fessed up to blacking her face up while in college. When Ivey was a senior at Auburn University in 1967, her sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta (KKK, for short), had a photo on its yearbook page depicting five dumbass white girls in gross blackface with grosser images of "Mammy!" shouting figures on their shirts. These women have probably all gone on to serve on juries. The photo's caption reads: "Alpha Gam Minstrels welcome rushees aboard their showboat." We know we're talking about Alabama, but it was 1967, not 1867. They could've dressed as Vulcans or Monkees.

There's no evidence that Ivey is one of the Jolsons in the photo. But the governor was "made aware" of a college radio interview featuring herself and her then-fiance Ben LaRavia, which turned out to be a sort of blackface podcast. LaRavia shares the charming anecdote of Ivey dressing up in "a pair of blue coveralls" and wearing "black paint all over her face." People were listening to this shit. We know LaRavia wouldn't have revealed to the entire campus that Ivey liked for him to tie her up and tickle her feet with his tongue. She certainly would've spoken up or objected if he had, but there was no shame in her blackface game.

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Post-Racial America

Mark Levin: How Can There Be White Privilege When Obama Doesn't Even Live In The Projects?

This is a 'good' and 'fair' question that is totally not gross and racist.

Conservatives generally refuse to accept that white privilege exists, which is like architects not believing in buildings. Former Never Trumper turned Trump-tongue kisser Mark Levin decided today to go after Peggy McIntosh's "white privilege checklist." It wasn't long before Levin dismantled McIntosh's serious work with just two words, dreaded by unserious white people everywhere: Barack Obama.

LEVIN: Barack Obama has bought three homes. He bought a home in Palm Springs. He bought a home in a very wealthy neighborhood in Washington, DC [...] and now he's buying a home on Martha's Vineyard. Why does Barack Obama never purchase a home in a black neighborhood? I think that's a good question.

That's not a good question -- unless "good" means "racist." It pains us to admit this, but Barack Obama isn't the president anymore. It's been so long since he was in office Joe Biden struggles to recall his name. Can't racists find a more "today" target for their bigotry? We hear Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used to be a bartender and Rep. Ilhan Omar's name is "Ilhan Omar." Oh wait, they are using them as targets for their racism too, OUR BAD.

Racists are obsessed with the real estate transactions of black people. This goes back to the 1950s when they'd set fire to our houses if we moved into the "wrong" neighborhood. Barack and Michelle Obama are rich. Rich people live in nice places. That's the whole point. Barack and Michelle Obama are also too black to get involved in that "tiny house" shit. Does Levin expect the Obamas to spend their post-White House days scratchin' and survivin' in the Chicago projects? (Also: the Palm Springs house rumor is bullshit.)

Jimmie Walker as J. J. on GOOD TIMES

Levin is not the only conservative to object to the Obamas choosing not to live under segregated bridges in the ghetto. Carol Roth wrote an angry op-ed for Fox News about the former first couple's "$15 million house of hypocrisy" in Martha's Vineyard.

Unlike President Trump, who earned his money before taking office, the Obamas have benefited handsomely from their time in the White House. President Obama only earned the standard $400,000 salary when he was in office, but after leaving, he and his wife Michelle acquired a joint book deal worth $65 million, high-priced speaking engagements and a deal with Netflix. Now they are rolling in dough.

This is an absurd argument. Trump's family is actively profiting off his presidency. The Obamas were already successful people on an upper income trajectory before they entered the White House. We don't see Roth complaining that Paul Ryan bailed on the House of Representatives and took a high-paying private sector job.

As a capitalist, I am all in favor of people making as much money as they want and spending it how they please. However, this lavish new abode is quite a statement in hypocrisy from the former president, who spent his presidency demonizing everyone else's success.

Obama simply suggested that wealthy people pay taxes. He is himself a wealthy person who pays taxes. We know this because unlike some people, we've seen his tax returns.

Levin claims Obama enjoys "white privilege," but there's no privilege in mediocre white people looking down their noses at you whenever you spend your hard-earned money. Growing up in 1980s South Carolina, our white neighbors would often react with suspicion whenever we went on vacation or bought a car. There'd be all these presumptuous questions about how our father, who worked two jobs, managed to afford a trip to Disney World or a 1982 Buick Century. Were we dealing drugs? Oh no, they weren't racist! They were just concerned about their property values decreasing because of their proximity to an obvious crack house.

It's also laughable that Levin thinks invoking Obama somehow shatters the concept of "white privilege" when even the first black president can't advance past the first question on McIntosh's checklist: "I can arrange to be in the company of people of my race most of the time." When you're black and financially successful, you struggle with this conundrum. Living in a "nice" neighborhood sometimes means choosing to live in a less diverse area where white people might call the cops on you because you went jogging without a formal tuxedo hoodie. That's because -- spoiler alert -- America is racist AF and the racial disparity among "good" and "bad" neighborhoods is not because black people suck. We wager that the Obamas don't live next to white people who are all former presidents. To borrow from Chris Rock, some of their white neighbors are probably just random-ass "yank your tooth out" dentists.

The Obamas paid $8.1 million for their DC house. That's serious dough, but John Stamos's Los Angeles home is almost $6 million. Uncle Jesse never had access to the nuclear codes. We've also been lusting after Liv Tyler's West Village brownstone, which is decorated so in line with our personal tastes, we think we're secretly Liv Tyler.

Inside Liv Tyler's Gut-Renovated NYC Brownstone | Open Door | Architectural Digest

Ferris Bueller and Carrie Bradshaw also live on Tyler's block, where houses go for roughly $30 million. The Obamas are practically working class compared to some white actors who made a decent movie once or twice. That is white privilege, and Barack Obama doesn't come close to having it.

Mark Levin can go fuck himself.

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Culture Wars

MAGA Hat Creeps Must Have Some Weird Kink For Getting Their Asses Kicked By Liberals

MAGA asshole went looking for a fight in Portland and actually found one.

The president of the United States is an asshole. There have probably been other asshole presidents -- we have our suspicions about JFK -- but Donald Trump is the first to govern openly as an asshole. (Except a bunch of the Republicans. But Trump is more.) This has inspired amateur assholes across the nation to flaunt their alternative lifestyle. They put on the red "Make America Great Again" hat Trump wears whenever his Muppet hair misbehaves, and they go out into the world and make asses of themselves. This usually ends poorly.

It seems like they want to get confronted and hassled for wearing a MAGA hat. Maybe it's their way of stepping temporarily into the shoes of people who have a hard time in the world just because they're a minority or queer. Just kidding, nah. They just want to troll the libs and "prove" we're all close-minded, intolerant hypocrites. We guess that's what you do with your free time when sex is firmly off the table.

Last Saturday, a guy in a MAGA hat got his ass kicked outside a Portland, Oregon, bar. PDX hipsters are traditionally more lovers than fighters, but that was before Barack Obama divided the nation. We don't think anyone, even Trump-supporting assholes, should be attacked because of what they're wearing. Period. However, it turns out this particular asshole might've been spoiling for a fight.

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Post-Racial America

Ben Shapiro Has Thoughts On Slavery. They Are Gratuitously Stupid Thoughts.

It's about as gross as you'd think.

Ben Shapiro is riled up like a less eloquent Yosemite Sam because the New York Times's 1619 project has everyone talking about slavery. Yesterday, on his silly show, he decried ungrateful black person Jonathan Capehart for rhetorically pissing on the US flag.

SHAPIRO: [T]he attempt to paint America's history as irreversibly dark and immutably horrible continues apace at our nation's great editorial newspapers. Jonathan Capehart, writing for The Washington Post, has an entire piece called "Dismantling the Myth of America and the white men who founded it." You see they were all evil and terrible and no good and very bad. And that means that America's founding was very bad.

It's true. The title of Capehart's Washington Post op-ed is "Dismantling the Myth of America and the White Men Who Founded It." However, Shapiro doesn't seem to have read more than the title. Capehart, a mature thinker, argues that America's founding is complicated. That scares the pants off conservatives like Shapiro, who confuse patriotism with borderline personality disorder. If you're not praising America as entirely good at every point in its history, then you're saying it's a shithole.

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Post-Racial America

Florida Creep Who Killed Black Man Over Parking Spot Will Now Stand His Ground In Prison

Wow, it's as if black lives really matter!

We prefer a world where black men aren't fatally shot in convenience store parking lots, but you can't have everything. So, we're pleased to hear that the trigger-happy asshole who murdered Markeis McGlockton last summer was found guilty of manslaughter.

Michael Drejka tried to use Florida's idiotic "stand your ground" law to justify killing McGlockton in front of his 5-year-old son. Drejka had confronted McGlockton's girlfriend, Britany Jacobs, over whether she'd wrongly parked in a handicapped spot. He wasn't a cop, not even of the Paul Bart variety. McGlockton defended Jacobs from the random loon shouting at her, and when he pushed Drejka to the ground, the creep pulled a gun and shot him dead.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri declined to charge Drejka because he thought the minor inconvenience he suffered justified cold-blooded murder. Gualtieri didn't personally respond well to the inevitable backlash of protests and calls for a federal investigation. He told Al Sharpton to "go back to New York" and "mind (his) own business," which we don't think has ever worked. Justice started to catch up with Drejka just a few weeks later when the state attorney's office charged him with manslaughter. The state attorney had access to more investigative resources than Gualtieri, and also apparently was in possession of a functioning brain.

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Racist Michigan Lady Unable To Get Town On Board With Her Dream To Keep It White

Residents now hoping for a Jean Cramer-free town.

Residents of Marysville, Michigan, were horrified this week to discover that Jean Cramer, a woman running for City Council, harbors some truly bananapants racist views. During a candidate's forum on Thursday evening, Cramer was asked if the town ought to do more to attract foreign-born citizens and, uh, she really just let it all hang out:

"My suggestion, recommendation: Keep Marysville a white community as much as possible," she said. After the entire audience gasped, she followed that right up with "Seriously, in other words no foreign-born, no foreign people because of what, in our past, we've experienced it's better to have ... simply American-born. Put it that way and no foreigners. No."

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Post-Racial America

Conservatives Don't Want Their American Fantasy Spoiled By 1619 Project's Lying Reality

Why don't black people love America enough to forget all about slavery?

The New York Times published the 1619 Project this weekend and conservatives don't need to actually read the damn thing to know it's single-handedly destroyed all the racial harmony Donald Trump restored when he made America great. We've gone from "Ebony and Ivory" to "Kill the White People." It's a national tragedy.

Ilya Shapiro at the Cato Institute scolded New York Times columnist Jamelle Bouie over his interest in history that isn't as benign and politically sanitized as Woody Allen's version of New York.


Sure, the United States is "mankind's grandest experiment in human liberty and self-governance." Domino's is also mankind's grandest experiment in pizza. Give them a couple hundred years and they might come close to something edible. How are you supposed to react to Shapiro's ridiculous statement as a black man or a woman of any shade? We were never the control group in this "experiment" in liberty.

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Post-Racial America

Conservatives Terrified New York Times 1619 Project Will Remind Black People Slavery Existed

Wait till black people learn what happened to MLK!

We've dragged the New York Times a lot recently, but we have nothing but love for the 1619 Project. Spearheaded by Times magazine reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones, the sweeping, ambitious work marks the 400th anniversary of the arrival of enslaved people in America. It details how slaves contributed to America's greatness while never materially benefitting from their backbreaking labor. As William Faulker said, "The past is never dead. It's not even past." There's a bloody line in American history that extends from slavery to segregation up through mass incarceration and the election of Donald Trump.

The 1619 Project is something of an event for black people. It felt like everyone on Black Twitter and beyond was reading it. Folks were even partying with the print magazine edition like it was 1999. But we can't enjoy anything by ourselves for long without white people freaking out and calling the cops. Newt Gingrich reacted to the 1619 Project like it was his wife and she was dying of cancer.


The author of To Save America: Stopping Obama's Secular-Socialist Machine won't tolerate obvious propaganda. He's horrified that the Times would openly try to brainwash its readers into believing slavery both existed and sucked ass. "Propaganda" more accurately reflects how white Americans have controlled the narrative of slavery. We were born in 1970s South Carolina, and we recall learning about the "lost cause" and benevolent slave masters. Actual quote from a teacher: "Slave owners rarely beat their slaves. Slaves were valuable. Would you beat your car?" Comparing humans to automobiles is the sort of depersonalization that was a key element to propaganda. White children were conditioned to feel no shame for their cultural inheritance and black children were conditioned to respect and admire our oppressors -- not just the founding fathers but the Confederate generals our schools and roads were named after.


Conservatives claim to love history. It's why they object to removing the memorial to Confederate General Negroasskickerson. You'd think they'd appreciate the 1619 Project -- or you would if you were incredibly naive and thought conservatives were capable of intellectual honesty. Conservatives appreciate "history" that makes the world simple not complex. "Slavery is bad" seems like a simple message to digest, but it has complex implications. It means America was not always a wonderful place, especially for minorities. It was a white supremacist nightmare state until ... well, we're hopeful we'll turn a corner very soon. When white people write dystopian novels such as 1984 and The Handmaid's Tale, they imagine a totalitarian society devoid of freedom and hope. Their dread future is our recent past.

Beto O'Rourke is honest enough to accept America's reality. His former political rival Ted Cruz reprises a past where people who dared confront racism were "stirring up trouble."

The New York Times is not why people don't want to talk to Ted Cruz.Twitter

Discussing slavery and its continued impact on modern society is not "deliberately stoking the fires of racial tension and hatred." Cruz literally said after Charlottesville that cities shouldn't "sanitize" history by removing Confederate statues. Is he stupid enough to think the memorial to Confederate war hero Beauregard N-Word Sayer somehow promotes "unity"? Most of those statues were originally erected during the Civil Rights Movement as a warning to black people to remember our place. That is why conservatives resist removing them now.

Cruz harped on a weird comment Times executive editor Dean Baquet -- who admittedly says a lot of weird shit -- made at a recent town hall regarding the paper's mostly weak-ass coverage of the grand wizard in chief.

BAQUET: This is a really hard story, newsrooms haven't confronted one like this since the 1960s. It got trickier after [inaudible] … went from being a story about whether the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia and obstruction of justice to being a more head-on story about the president's character. We built our newsroom to cover one story, and we did it truly well. Now we have to regroup, and shift resources and emphasis to take on a different story.

Seems like a bad idea to build a newsroom to cover one story. But whatever. Right-wing media chose to interpret Baquet's questionable editorial competence as a deliberate attempt to divide the nation in order to sell papers. Russia didn't stick, so now the Times is making much ado of Trump's racism, which is easy when the president's a racist.

This asshole againTwitter

Baquet did not "in effect" say what Cruz claimed he did. We could just as honestly suggest Cruz said (IN EFFECT) "I like to get off on weird Twitter porn," but we'd never do that. But the "racism is the new Russia" narrative has already gained traction online. Not so ironically, conservatives back in the day tried to blame the entire civil rights movement on Russian influence.


Cruz and conservative writer Byron York seized on the 1619 Project's stated goal to "reframe" history through the lens of slavery. They consider this Pravda-style reporting because they have a facile view of history. We've all learned about America from the perspective of white men. The idea that any other perspective has value or is just as valid is practically un-American, which is why they keep comparing it to the tactics of our Cold War enemy. Gingrich went so far as to call Times columnist Mara Gay a liar for suggesting that "everything that has made America exceptional grew out of slavery." This is a historical opinion Gay can back up with facts. Gingrich can only mansplain to Gay with his bruised white ego. America's wealth and power came from slavery. Enslaved people innovated American cuisine and most of American music traces back to slavery. We know it hurts to feel like you've contributed nothing important to civilization. That's what black people were taught for generations while learning actual lies about George Washington and cherry trees. We were trained to believe in the inherent honesty of a man who held our ancestors in bondage. That isn't history. It's active mental abuse.

Cruz and Gingrich are weasels but they're models of stability compared to Erick Erickson, who claimed that Hannah-Jones -- a black woman -- helped promoted a "Neo-Confederate world view" where everything's about race. Erickson has moved on from obsessing over Pete Buttigieg's sex life to sounding alarms over the upcoming race war. (We'd tried so hard to keep it on the down low. Thanks, New York Times!)

This is why white people didn't let enslaved people read. You start with some light Jane Austen and end with full-scale revolution. The 1619 Project is sure to inspire young black people in ways that will freak out conservatives. We remember when we saw Malcolm X our first few weeks in college. We were blown away and rushed out to read everything about the "bad" black leader. That's when we started to reconsider the whole "slaves are like cars" argument. But we didn't take up arms against white people and we never will. Relax, guys: If we haven't killed your asses by now, we'll probably never get around to it. If the 1619 Project inspires a true revolution, the only casualty will be white supremacy.

[New York Times / Slate]

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Cops Behaving Badly

'Black Friends' Forgot To Vet Holy-F*ckballs Racist Video For NYPD Union Boss

His black friends are probably the 'good ones.'

Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, is in mildly tepid water for acting like a common Donald Trump this weekend and sharing openly racist content on social media. The SBA is New York's second largest police union, because the NYPD needs a lot of help avoiding accountability for strangling black men in public. Mullins also hyped the video in a deranged email he sent to union members on Saturday.

"Pay close attention to every word. You will hear what goes through the mind of real policemen every single day on the job. This is the best video I've ever seen telling the public the absolute truth."

Mullins didn't give the video four stars or two thumbs-up or anything, but it's probably on his short list for 2019's Most Outstanding Achievement In Racist Videos. Radio host and conspiracy theorist Willie Shields reads a letter from an unnamed "street cop" who complains that police are "continuously cut down at the knees and stripped of their abilities to do their jobs in the name of 'criminal justice reform.'" He claims police in "urban environments" valiantly choose to play a game of "try not to die."

"When a suspect chooses to run from police, it's never for anything good. When a suspect flees a [police] car at night in the projects, it can only be for something incredibly bad."

This is not entirely true or at least the motivations for running are more complex than the anonymous officer assumes.

One of the most astonishing aspects of police work in an urban environment is that almost literally no one has a job. Section 8 scam artists and welfare queens have mastered the art of gaming the taxpayer. Bounce from baby mama to baby mama, impregnate as many women as possible. She gets the welfare benefits and you get the flop house benefits.

We're just five minutes into the 15-minute video and it's already earned an "R" rating for "racist."

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Nice Liberal Man Here To Tell You Trump Isn't The White Supremacist He So Obviously Is

Kevin Drum, what is even going on?

Kevin Drum at Mother Jones wants to reassure us that Donald Trump isn't a white supremacist. He's not even a racist. Could've fooled anyone conscious! Drum is neither a minority nor presumably a white supremacist/racist, but what he lacks in firsthand experience, he makes up for with his pedantic command of "words and phrases." They possess "actual meanings," he'll have you know, which he'll now explain to us pathetic slobs.

DRUM: A white supremacist is someone who believes as an ideology that the white race is inherently superior to and should dominate all other races. Adolf Hitler was a white supremacist. Jefferson Davis was a white supremacist. For that matter, pretty much everyone in Europe (or descended from European stock) before about 1900 was a white supremacist.

White people have a tiresome habit of restricting the definition of "white supremacist" to literally the worst humans who ever walked the earth. It's uncomfortable to consider George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Abraham Lincoln "white supremacists," which they all were even by Drum's own terminology. American white supremacy as an ideology didn't end after the Civil War. It was the law of the land for most of the 20th Century, and even after the Civil Rights Movement, it never truly vanished. It persisted in more pernicious forms. You might know it as "white flight" or the Reagan administration. Racial profiling, stop and frisk ... it's all white supremacy as policy.

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