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GOP Oregon State Rep Welcomes Expulsion, Future ‘Jeopardy!’ Fame

Yep, more shocking news about soon-to-be-former Rep. Mike Nearman.

After video emerged that appeared to show Oregon state Rep. Mike Nearman giving tips on how angry protesters could breach the state Capitol last December with his help — which he then gave! — his fellow Republican House members signed a letter that “strongly recommends" he GTFO. It wasn't just a couple Adam Kinzingers, either, but every Republican in the chamber.

From CNN:

"Given the newest evidence that has come to light regarding the events of December 21, 2020, it is our belief as friends and colleagues that it is in the best interests of your caucus, your family, yourself, and the state of Oregon for you to step down from office," the letter states.

In the December 16 video, Nearman discussed a so-called “Operation Hall Pass," where someone would grant people protesting anti-COVID-19 restrictions access to the Capitol if they called a random selection of digits that happen to be his cell phone number. Surveillance video from December 21 showed Nearman leaving through a locked door and allowing far-Right demonstrators to enter the Capitol. They clashed with State Police, who claimed that "a protester sprayed some kind of chemical irritant."

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White Nonsense

Noted Crackpot Naomi Wolf To Headline ‘Juneteenth’ Anti-Vax Freedom Fest

Yes, this is as offensive as it sounds.

Conspiracy theorist and all-around weirdo Naomi Wolf is a featured guest at an upcoming fundraiser called “Liberate Our Five Freedoms." The five freedoms, which when combined can form a blazing sword, are listed on promotional material as “No Mask Mandates, No Vaccine Passports, Freedom Of Assembly, Open Schools Now, and No Emergency Law."

The event is scheduled for June 19, which is also Juneteenth, the day that marks the end of US slavery (more or less — those prisons won't fill themselves, after all). Obviously, other things have happened on June 19. It's Paula Abdul's birthday. It's when 1992's Batman Returns starring Michelle Pfeiffer and some other people was released in theaters. There's a lot to celebrate, and Black people aren't territorial. However, the event specifically states that it's taking place on Juneteenth, because these people are assholes.

Organizer Kathryn Levin told journalist Eoin Higgins that scheduling the event on Juneteenth was deliberate and appropriate. That's her opinion, which she is free to have because she's not literally a slave.

"The 19th is a day of emancipation, and it's a day when we claim our freedom," said Levin. "It's when we see that we are not slaves to mandate. It's when we take our power back."


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New Texas History GOP-Tested, Fox News-Approved

These assholes just keep proving why we needed ‘The 1619 Project.'

Conservatives keep walking into racist rakes with their ongoing backlash to The 1619 Project, which suggested that slavery played a significant part in American history. Monday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a law establishing an "1836 Project" that would promote “patriotic education" instead of The 1619 Project's more divisive “education." The state has already banned the teaching of The 1619 Project.

Abbott tweeted yesterday:

To keep Texas the best state in the nation, we can never forget WHY our state is so exceptional.

I signed a law establishing the 1836 project, which promotes patriotic education & ensures future generations understand TX values.

Together, we'll keep our rich history alive.

No, it seems like Abbott and Rep. Tan Parker, who filed the bill, want to keep Texas's rich history filled with lies.

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Right Wing Extremism

It’s Not Against The Law To Protect Democracy From Republicans

The republic will survive Democrats not getting their asses kicked on the regular.

When Senate Republicans laughed in Democrats' faces last year and confirmed Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, breaking their own new rule about Supreme Court confirmations in election years (that they never actually believed), Chuck Schumer warned that nothing would be “off the table" in 2021. Barrett's drive-through confirmation was supposed to “radicalize" Democrats, but here it's June and Democrats are about as radical as Mrs. Cleaver. Democrats theoretically control the Senate, but moderate Democrats such as Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin still want to find "bipartisan consensus" with GOP gangsters.

After Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death (and months before the GOP enabled repeated assaults on democracy), Wonkette declared that "It's time to reach down deep inside and find the inner strength to be bigger motherfuckers than we ever have. America's survival as a free and democratic nation depends on it." We don't expect Democrats to read all our posts, but that was an important one. We don't have to be thugs like the GOP -- and we shouldn't commit crimes -- but we shouldn't be chumps, either. There's a happy medium where Democrats don't just let Republicans run off with our democracy without leaving a forwarding address.

However, folks still insist on Democrats playing nice. Take this Twitter thread from lawyer Teri Kanefield, which implies that Democrats must continue getting our asses kicked for the sake of democracy.

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