White People Dying Out, Will Still Own Everything


Mark this day down as a day that will live forever in infamy: the day we started running out of white people.

Via the Atlantic:

According to a new Census Bureau report, 12,000 more white Americans died than were born between July 1, 2011 and July 1, 2012. As our James Hamblin notes, white deaths haven't exceeded white births in at least a century. The Caucasian population only expanded thanks to 188,384 immigrants.

So there's still no net decline in white population. But now we gotta bring in ringers.

This invites a series of important questions. For example, if white people are no longer a plurality, will America still be the greatest country on earth? (Answer: maybe.)  When there are barely any white people left, will 96% of our Senators still be white? (Answer: probably). Is this Obama's fault? (Answer: definitely. His election just made white people give up on reproducing.  You could look it up.)

Your Wonkette is half Hispanic and half white and is thus very conflict about all this. On one hand, Hispanics are winning. On the other, this is probably Obama's fault.

Clearly, the best way to fix this is to repeal Obamacare.

[The Atlantic]


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