Who Among Us Has Not Wondered What That Campaign Worker on the Phone Is Wearing?

We have deleted nothing from this LiveJournal entry, written by "Wonderwhore," a phone sex worker in Seattle:

I got tickets to the John Kerry rally thats going to be here next weekend, Im so stoked!!! I cant wait to go, Im so hopin they call me so I can volunteer down there too. I want to sooooo bad.

For those who care, right now I am wearing a pale yellow summer dress that has lil pink flowers on the edges, its scrunchies around my tittys, pale purple cotton panties and a big old warm cream sweater over it. I dont have any shoes or socks on, and my hair is tied up in a knot on my head. I smell like baby lotion cause I just rubbed my body down. My knees wrapped, thats the only thing un sexy about me right now, I think.

It's nice to see a young person with real enthusiasm for politics. But we hear that KE04 prefers that its phone bank volunteers keep ther knees crossed until after the election (or at least until after work). Then again, think of what she could bring to a push poll.

Wonderwhore, Wednesday, August 25th, 2004 [LiveJournal]

Wonderwhore [LiveJournal]


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