Who Better Than a Fraud to Know What Fraud Is?

It was thiiiis close to ethicalStuart Bowen was appointed by the Bush Administration to be the Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, which means it was his job to root our fraud and abuses in the Iraq reconstruction efforts. I know, funny, right? Unfortunately for the Iraqis (and us), Stuart was a little bit too busy committing his own frauds and abusing the system to bother investigating anyone else's.

So, now, the FBI is probing Stuart's activities in the IG's cushy office, which reportedly include: reading his staff's emails (way to be paranoid, Stu!); electronic tampering; misleading investigators about the cost of a ego-project book of his accomplishments; using taxpayer funds to pay his legal bills and that of his assistant Ginger Cruz (irresponsible and completely unsubstantiated rumor-mongering: they were totes bumping uglies) during the last investigation; and allegations of sexual harassment.

Bowen had no idea he was being investigated, but has leaked rumors that the investigation of his fraud and abuse is linked to his reports of fraud and abuse in Iraq that have embarrassed the Bush Administration. Oh, Stu, that's so lame. Everyone knows that this Administration is incapable of being embarrassed about anything in Iraq, and the press hasn't bother reporting on that stuff enough for it to even being to penetrate the consciousness of the average American. Nice try, though.

FBI probes Iraq IG on misconduct claims [Yahoo News]


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