Kind of more Marlene Dietrich than Shania Twain but OK

HAPPY SPOOKY-DAY EVERYBODY! Today is the day when it's normal to see goblins and vampires all over America, because it is Halloween. Did you do a costume? Post it in the comments! (Yes, we said we were going to dress up as Trump's Pee Tape for Halloween. We also allowed for the possibility that we were lazy and wouldn't even make it to Home Depot to buy yellow tape or to Old Navy for a long sleeved black shirt. Guess what we picked? That's right, we picked "Zero Effort Drinking" for Halloween and flaked on all eight parties we were invited to. But enough about us! Just kidding, there is never enough about us.)

Megyn Kelly spiced up her very bad show for Halloween, by doing a costume. It was a very bad costume. :(

Please click "play" on the tweet above to watch Megyn Kelly "dancing." HAHA, made you click it, how was that for a Halloween fright? BOO!

Of course, Megyn Kelly would choose to dress as Shania Twain, an overproduced "country" "singer" who is neither country nor gifted in the art of singing. (Although we will defend that "Any Man Of Mine" song until THE DAY WE DIE. Twain's career went downhill after that, her breakthrough single.)

Here's how the show opened, according to Jezebel's daily Megyn Kelly post, which we cannot recommend enough:

  • The announcer said, “And now your ghost...I mean host, Megyn Kelly!”
  • Megyn Kelly walked onstage dressed as Shania Twain from the “Man! I Feel LIke a Woman” video.
  • Megyn Kelly said, “We’re having so much fun already!”
  • Bobby Finger said, “We truly are."
  • Megyn Kelly sang, “Man! I feel like a woman.” (Just that line.)
  • Megyn Kelly said, “As you know, Halloween is all about the scares and the surprises.”
  • Bobby Finger said, “Oh yes, I’m fully aware.”

Aren't you glad NBC axed Tamron Hall's show to make room for this wondrous excrement?

Also, Shania Twain was on the show. She dressed as ... Marie Osmond dressed up as a wild cat of some sort? Anyway, here is another .gif of Kelly dancing, this time with Shania Twain, courtesy of the aforementioned Jezebel post:

All righty.

Also the "Fox & Friends" people dressed up for Halloween and they looked like idiots, especially the men. Brian Kilmeade dressed up as his own book (clever!) and Steve Doocy was just wearing a suit with money all over it, because he was Paul Manafort's Money Laundering Crimes somebody who "looks like a million bucks" (LOL)!

Here, if you hate yourself, is a full video of the "Fox & Friends" cast of maundering dipshits revealing their costumes:

Aren't you glad you watched that?

OK, so Megyn Kelly did Halloween the worst, the cast of "Fox & Friends" did it second worst, and let's just say Donald Trump was third worst, for choosing to put on that tacky orange make-up on his face for YET ANOTHER DAY.

Who did it BEST? Gonna go ahead and go with "Justin Trudeau as Clark Kent," oh yes he did that:

Now have an open thread. You earned it, just kidding we earned it, GOODBYE.

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