Who Implanted This Treacherous Alien Reptile In Obama's Head?


Here is your Wonkette YouTube President's Day Bonanza Honor Post, featuring a concerned lady talking about an alien reptile that's been lodged in the back of our President's head, just like it was lodged in the head of an "Egyptian Pharo" several millenia ago. Do you see the scar? THE SCAR, DO YOU SEE IT?

But lo, another theory: "FAIRLY CERTAIN THIS IS VOLDEMORT, NOT A REPTILE," a commenter suggests. What has happened to our president, reader? Has his head been seized by the notorious "Cool Britannia" psycho wizard Voldemort/Tony Blair or a horned tongue-waving alien reptile with hella boffo mind powers? We'll reveal the answer in next year's Wonkette YouTube President's Day Bonanza Honor Post.


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