Who Invited The New York Times To Our 'Cory Booker Flirted With A Stripper' Party?


Yes, we know, boobs. And Cory Booker. It's very exciting. Especially the boobs. But really especially the Cory Booker, what a piece!Buzzfeed (NSFW link, because boobs) was first with the magical tale of how a man named Cory Booker used his Twitter to say he loved a stripper named Lynsie Lee. Go to Buzzfeed if you like pictures of boobs that might even be not fake, who knows? Possibly Cory Booker? And of course Gawker followed soon after, wrongly accusing Lee of veganism, which they later corrected (she works at a vegan strip club in Portland, OR, because Portland). And of course yr Wonkette could not let this pass without comment, so don't get all glass housey with us!

But ugh, The New York Times, what are you doing here? "Now Revealed By Stripper: Booker's Twitter Messages." Yeah, we get it, "revealed," ha, and you even said "stripper," like a common vulgarian!

Actually, ya know what? The New York Times can stay. Not because they're cool, but because Buzzfeed and Gawker are equally lame on this one. Gawker earns our fleeting scorn because their semi-breathless (half-breathed?), whiff-of-scandal tone is just as bad as the scoldy Times piece, which included the phrase "occasional perils of his reliance on the social media." Gawker:

Cute! And newsworthy, certainly, for the fact that Cory Booker seemed to be expressing—pantomiming?—some kind of flirtatious interest in Lee. Who Cory Booker is dating, or not dating, has been an open question throughout his mayoralty and into his Senate run.

Come on. Like many New Jersey men, he told a stripper he loved her. On the Twitter. Maybe he banged her! He is a single man, he can do all that and more.

And Buzzfeed blew it because they did not give Lynsie Lee any props for being fucking hilarious. Check out her Twitter feed @LynsieLee, she definitely lives up to her description, which is "wits and tits." That by itself is pretty solid. But maybe some slack-cutting is in order because Buzzfeed's listicle format makes it hard to delve into a story like this, a story that deserves a good deep delving if ever we saw one.

To give you a better idea of why we are in love with Lynsie Lee, this picture is her Twitter background:

Yep, it's C_R_eature's high school yearbook photo! Can someone tell us how to send a DM on Twitter? Asking for a friend...

[Buzzfeed / Gawker / New York Times for some reason]


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