Who Is Responsible For the Kinda Funny Giuliani Videos?!?

We posted a kinda funny video about Giuliani the other day. It turns out that it was scandalous and mysterious! This is another one from the same anonymous dude -- not really quite as funny as the first one, maybe, but it gets the job done. The other day someone tried to convince us that these videos were produced by the Swift People -- Stevens, Reed, Curcio & Potholm. The connection seemed a little shaky (and we were too hungover to investigate further) so we ignored it. Now SRCP deny everything. The Republicans were convinced it was one of their own, but as sarcastic dude here has now attacked every single GOP candidate below all their respective belts, they're pretty sure it's some libtard. Or hell, maybe that's Jim Gilmore, -- who would even know???

"abrad2345" Controversy Heats Up [Tech Republican]
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