Two completely self-absorbed assholes, one frameJames "I Am A Gay American" McGreevey resigned as governor of New Jersey in 2004 with his wife by his side. That relationship went to shit after it turned out that he'd been fucking around on her with men pretty much their entire marriage and didn't resign because he was gay so much as that he's was about to get slapped with a sexual harassment suit over the gay man he put on the payroll. It didn't get better when he went on Oprah and bragged that he got his first piece of ass from the guy while his wife, Dina, was in labor with their daughter, Jacqueline. She turns 6 this weekend, but the way. Guess how her estranged parents celebrated?

Why, with a bitter court hearing, of course! McGreevey, what with all his crazy book money, was planning to spoil the shit out of his daughter with a lavish party her mother couldn't afford, complete with pony rides, face painters and clowns at the house he shares with his partner. Of course, he also scheduled it on the day of her birthday on a weekend she was scheduled to be with her mother.

Dina, of course, got all pissed and forbid the child from attending the party (not that she was invited to the home that her still-current husband shares with his partner to join in their daughter's birthday festivities) and Jim dragged the whole thing before a judge yesterday. Though no Judge Judy, Judge Karen Cassidy castigated the feuding parents saying "The hatred they have for each other overrides everything, including their child." Ya think?

After a couple of hours and some great pictures that their daughter will surely be able to Google in a few years (hi, Jackie!), Dina agreed to let their daughter attend her birthday party if Jim brought her back home immediately after. They then proceeded to give statements to the press about how their daughter isn't old enough to understand and it's totally the other person's fault. Jesus fucking Christ, guys, haven't you heard of therapy? Try some before you stop being able to afford pony rides because of your daughter's therapy bills, mmkay?

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