Who Needs Oprah When You Have Sean Penn!

penn.jpgSean Penn is expected to formally endorsed Dennis Kucinich at a press conference at San Francisco State University today, joinging the ranks of Larry Flynt and Shirley MacLaine. But whatever may happen or not happen there, it might be totally eclipsed by the actor/director's latest rant: "It's been an odd week," Penn wrote in today on HuffPo. "For me, a particularly odd week. But that's another story. So, wait a minute. Iran DOESN'T have nuclear weapon capability??? So, who are we gonna bomb? I want to bomb somebody!" Hey, me too!

He likes Kucinich, but he's torn. And he really wants us to understand that Bill Clinton is not Hillary Clinton. There's just way too much for us to go though and post here. So, I've cherrypicked one passage that nuts the column (yeah, I went there):

"I've been a supporter of Dennis Kucinich for several years. And I've been torn lately. I've been torn by the allure of "electability." I began to invest some support in a very good man (one among Dennis's opponents) who seems to be finding himself as a constitutional defender, but he's not one yet. He is however, among those that we allow the media to distinguish as electable. But we're talking about the Constitution here. We're talking about our country. I have decided not to participate in proactive support on the basis of media distinctions. I have chosen to pledge my support to the singular, strongest and most proven representative of our constitutional mandate. Dennis Kucinich offers us a very singular opportunity as we share this minute of time on earth. We, the people. It is for us to determine what is electable. And here's how simple it is: If we, those of us who truly believe in the Constitution of the United States of America, all of us, vote for Dennis Kucinich, he will be elected. Could we call him electable then? If so, America will stand taller than ever."

But feel smaller than ever. With endorsements like these ....enemies, etc.


Piano Wire Puppeteers: The Constitution, Media & Dennis Kucinich [HuffPo]


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