Who's Kyrsten Sinema Being A Dick To Now? Oh Just Her Constituents

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Who's Kyrsten Sinema Being A Dick To Now? Oh Just Her Constituents

It's really becoming a thing lately that if it's a day, there's probably a story out there about Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat, being a dick.

So here's one, though it appears this video was taken yesterday. It's Senator Sinema walking through the airport with GOP Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina, a verified asshole, on her right. And golly, she was just RIVETED by whatever he was saying.

On Sinema's left, a constituent from Arizona, who was calmly but persistently asking her questions, like people do with their elected officials.

"Please don't touch me, thanks," said the Arizona senator to her constituent, who didn't appear to have touched her. This was as the constituent was trying to ask why Sinema won't meet with her constituents, only big bucks donors.

And back to Senator Scott did Senator Sinema's gaze go. Her conversation with Scott? Seemed like that thing you do when you want somebody to think you're deep in conversation, but actually you're saying things like "OK now laugh like I said something really funny," to which the other person replies "Ha ha! What a Jolly old soul you are!" and you both are just hoping you laugh long enough for the gross disgusting person you don't want to talk with to go away.

Those weren't Sinema's and Scott's exact words, of course. Sinema said, "Sorry about this" — you know, that stinky gross disgusting constituent asking questions about Sinema meeting with big buck donors instead of the voters of Arizona. Scott said, "I think it's par for the course!" We don't know if he meant it was par for the course that stinky constituents are always just talking pee yew gross hate the commoners who vote for us, or if he meant it's par for the course that literally this is part of being an elected official, that your constituents talk to you.

Sinema's constituent, whose name was Chloe Stryker (and who appears to work for MoveOn, according to her Twitter bio), kept asking questions about climate change, and Sinema kept walking, closer and closer to Scott, until finally she directed herself and the South Carolina senator away from her constituent.

We are not a body language expert, but if we asked some aliens from outer space whose approval Democratic Senator Sinema was after, we think the aliens would assume it was the senator from the party Sinema isn't part of, from the state Sinema does not represent.

As Stryker asks in the tweet above, of all people, why would Sinema be apologizing to Tim Scott for her constituent trying to talk to her? What's next, Sinema performatively thumbs-downing a minimum wage increase like a common assh-

Kyrsten Sinema Thumbs Down GIF by Jason ClarkeGiphy

Oh yeah.

Look, we get it. Sometimes you are just in the airport and you are not in the mood to talk to anybody besides the junior senator from South Carolina. And quite frankly, most of us have jobs where if we don't want to talk to somebody in the airport besides the junior senator from South Carolina, we can either politely tell them to fuck off with our evil eyes or just ignore them entirely.

United States senator just isn't one of those jobs, unless you are dealing with some kind of personal family crisis or something, in which case it's best to have an assistant nearby to tell people to buzz off. Even then, it's wise not to be a complete fucking asshole.

But Sinema has missed all those memos and guidances, we guess.

Can't imagine Arizonans of any political stripe are real impressed.


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