Above, the now famous video of Rudy Giuliani taking a call from "his wife" in the middle of a capitulating speech to the NRA, who, understandably, hate him for supporting stricter gun control measures while mayor than just about any other politician in the country besides those who are or have been mayors of large cities. But maybe his wife wasn't actually the one who was calling him! If you watch the video, and you're a fan of either guns or the Constitution (or both!), you might notice that America's Mayor is, in fact, in the middle of fundamentally misquoting our beloved Second Amendment when his wife calls. Our patriotic colleagues at FreeRepublic certainly noticed.

"After all the second amendment is a freedom every bit as important as the other freedoms in the first ten amendments. Just think of the language of it -- 'the people shall be secure' --let's see, this is my wife calling..."

(talks to and about his wife)

(then he resumes with a subject change) "...but the parking decision offers an excellent example..."

Rudy, of course, was paraphrasing the 4th Amendment -- ironically another one he can't possibly be fond of -- relating to probable cause and warrants and other archaic pre-9/11 niceties. And then, conveniently, he changed the subject after the call.

Of course the whole thing would've been easier with, like, an earpiece, but this whole cell phone intrigue involves his totally nutty wife so we will play along.

Rudy Giuliani gets the 2nd Amendment completely wrong in NRA speech [saved by a phone call] [FreeRepublic]


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