Who The Hell Is The Target Market For This Election 2020 Chess Set?

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Who The Hell Is The Target Market For This Election 2020 Chess Set?

There must be people out there who collect commemorative plates. I don't know who they are, but commemorative plates are a thing, so they must be. Somewhere, there is a house full of commemorative plates. There must be people who buy those dolls. You know the ones. They're porcelain and sometimes of a famous person and there are ads for them on late night television? There must be people who buy things off of the television. I'm not one of them, but clearly they do exist. I think like half of the Real Housewives have had stints on either QVC or HSN at some point. It is, in fact, super satisfying how hideous most of the clothes in the Lisa Rinna QVC collection are, but there are, of course, people who buy them.

Just as there are almost definitely people who have or would purchase this extremely unsettling Election 2020 chess set.

2020 Battle for the White House Chess Set 🇺🇸www.youtube.com


Like, who is it, do we think, that is the market for this? Who is the person who would go "Here, take my $39.99, so that I can place this in my home and just relive the wonder that is the year 2020 over and over and over again through the magic of chess?"

Just look at that fine craftsmanship!

Apparently they made this chess set well before the primary ended, so they don't have a King or a Queen for the Democrats yet, and do not even list them on the site yet. Awkwardly, Joe Biden is already a rook. So you're gonna have two Joe Bidens. This seems like some poor foresight on the part of these chess makers.

I actually did get my mom a Ruth Bader Ginsburg themed board game for her birthday, but it actually just seemed like a very fun game. It also did not seem like a thing that would give me any nightmares, as Mitch McConnell riding on a tiny elephant definitely will.

It's so wrong. So, so wrong.

Anyway, this is now your open thread! So go, talk amongst yourselves and have a good time.

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