Who Will Be Iowa's Tanc Girl (or Boy!)

tancidol.jpgTomas "The Tanc Engine" Tancredo is taking Iowa by storm as hicks across our nation's second-boringest state thrill to his message of banning brown people once and for all. To help drum up the natives even more, "Tanc and Tonic" is holding an ol' fashioned child exploitation contest.

If you're 17 or under and have no sense of shame or modicum of autonomy you are just the kid for ol' "Tanc Johnson" and his IOWA IDOL contest! Just send a mildly disturbing video or DVD of your little Minuteman (or girl!) embarrassing himself to the Tancredo campaign and they'll appoint a panel of "celebrity judges" to pick the finalists!

The winner receives $1,000 dollars and the opportunity to perform at the Iowa Straw Poll -- parents, tell your child to "Get Tanc'd with Tom!"

Iowa's Idol [Team Tancredo]


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