Who Will Be Next to Work With Scary Jim Webb?

John Warner is set to announce his retirement from the Senate in a minute or two (and probably will have announced it by the time we get this post up), setting up a total free-for-all in Virginia, where it was basically a given that he would continue being their Senator until the end of time. But one day someone noticed that John wasn't actually raising any reelection money or setting up a campaign, and now Republicans are going to desperately try to hold on to a seat that, a couple years ago, woulda been a total given. Let's take a look at some of the likely candidates:

Tom Davis (GOP)

Pros: Moderate, intelligent, well-liked.

Cons: Northern Virginia cake-eater, intelligent, supposedly a Christian Scientist but his wife is a doctor! Wtf is that about?

Jim Gilmore (GOP)

Pros: ...we've heard of him.

Cons: Mike Gravel is running a less embarrassing presidential campaign.

Mark Warner (Dem)

Pros: People in Virginia already conditioned to just vote for the dude named "Warner."


PS If John Warner announces that he is running again just pretend this post is about 2014. It's the Friday before a three-day weekend, no one's paying attention anyway.

Va.'s Sen. Warner to announce 2008 plans [USAT]

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