Who Will Be Time's Person of the Year? Why Are We Asking?

last year it was You, this year it will be Him or Her or ItOn the esteemed television program Today tomorrow (hehe, "today tomorrow"... get it?), esteemed kingmaker Meredith Vieira will announce the winner of Time's "Person of the Year," which the American public for some reason gives a huge shit about.

Time has compiled a shortlist of eight candidates, and c'mon, Al Gore is obvis the frontrunner. He didn't win it last year and kind of has to win it at some time (to complete the "Emmy-Nobel-Time" triple crown of ancient lore). Time has a tendency to pull a mindfuck, however, as you may recall from last year when you, dear reader, won the award. My bet is for J.K. Rowling, because of the end of those books she wrote. Also, look at the other six candidates: A-Jad, Hu Jintao, General Betray Us, Condi, Steve Jobs, Putin?? Three of those are sorta enemies of the state, two are enemies for the state, and one just made a cool phone that only works for AT&T. Time likes to play it nice (Rudy over Osama in 2001, anybody?), so yeah, I go with the Potter chick.

Your Choice [Time]


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