Who Will Save Our Nation's Peanut Butters?

  • A senior Pentagon official did not refer Mohammed al-Qahtani's case for trial because he had been tortured. This is really too bad, because he sounds like a real nasty son of a bitch who should have been prosecuted, but oh well, TORTURE. [Washington Post]
  • More former Guantanamo detainees are returning to the battlefield because Barack Obama didn't give them decent, well-paying green-collar jobs. [Voice of America]
  • The crazy death-faking financial manager guy was found by authorities as he tried to commit suicide, which he also failed at. [CNN]
  • Israel admits that endlessly bombing the shit out of Gaza may not put Hamas out of business. [Washington Post]
  • Barack Obama is having some trouble getting Democratic senators to support his economic stimulus proposals and his request to release the remaining half of the original bailout funds. [Bloomberg]
  • Would you like some salmonella with your peanut butter? It's free! [AP]

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