It's Tuesday afternoon, but this week's onslaught of news means it feels like Friday already, so we're going to do happy news for the rest of the day, and FUCK IT WE'RE GONNA DO IT LIVE. Therefore, we have wonderful news, and it is that MSNBC's Katy Tur and her sexxxy man friend Tony Dokoupil made an honest man and lady out of each other this weekend in Utah. (Picture above! What a dress! Editrix Rebecca would like to point out that all the best bride women people wear red!) They eloped, because that is what cool kids do, and Page Six reports that they did it in the most remote, out-of-the-way spot they could find, where Obamaphones don't work and nobody can hear Donald Trump yelling, "Something is happening, Katy! You're not reporting it, Katy!"

If you read Tur's book (buy here!), you know that at the beginning of the Trump campaign, Tur was dating a cranky sexxxy Frenchman who got all "Sacre bleu!" when he realized her journalism work on the Trump campaign would require her to travel a lot, which meant she wasn't available to lie around all day and eat French cheese like a common Marie Antoinette. As a result, they broked up. We are glad she found Tony, a fellow journalism person who obviously GETS HER.

Page Six says Tur and Dokoupil met in the make-up room back when he was at MSNBC (he's at CBS now), and that even though they eloped, DO NOT WORRY, they will have a party later for friends and family to celebrate. Wonkette would like to take this moment to RSVP that yes we would love to come! We will bring booze!

Awwwwwww! We are happy for them!

Of course, we would not be doing our Gay Wonkette Journalism Responsibility if we didn't notice that Tur's husband is very sexxxy and has good hair:

Pffffft, who needs some Frenchman?

Also he is funny in a self-deprecating way:


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