Whoa, Wonkette Nominated For THREE 2009 'Weblog Awards' Bloggies


Let's see, Oscar nominations, who cares ... oh look, nominations for the2009 Bloggies are out, and whoa, jesus christ, your Wonkette is nominated for Best Weblog About Politics, Most Humorous Weblog and Best Group Weblog. Yikes! Thank you, good peoples, for nominating us, for these magical invisible trophies.

Your Wonkette has won the Best Weblog About Politics award several times, most recently in 2006 and 2007, after Pareene and your current managing editor were left alone to do whatever we wanted with the site, as Gawker Media had pretty much written it off, as Dead.

But the "most humorous weblog" and "best group weblog," those are rare & special prizes. Especially the comedy one, and especially the group one, because it is not always clear to the Wider World that Wonkette is basically a violent comedy troupe with an unfortunate fixation on American Politics -- The Economist knows this, but that's in London, and staffed by smart people. So, hooray.

Well, enough of this navel-gazing bullshit. Vote for us, friends! And if you've got another favorite blog in the categories in which Wonkette is nominated, just find another category where that favorite is also nominated, and vote for them over there. Example: If you like the fivethirtyeight.com, vote for Numberz Nate over in the Weblog of the Year category. If the LOLcats still make you laugh, vote for I Can Haz Cheezeburger in the Community Weblog category. So easy! We'll see you in Austin at the SXSW sex orgy, where these award winners will be announced during a blizzard of cocaine and neon dildos, for America. UPDATE: If you didn't get the verification email, you didn't vote. Go try again, please.

2009 Bloggies


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