Whoops, Rod Blagojevich 'Got Lost' on Way to Federal Prison


Here is Rod Blagojevich having a grand old time on his way to a federal prison in Colorado, according to this grainy shot from NBC Chicago. Is he excited for jail? Or does he know something we don't know? Let's check the report: "It wasn't immediately clear where Rod Blagojevich's car was headed when it passed up the entrance to the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Englewood more than once." Hm. What was he thinking? It's ten hours to Mexico, guys! "Attorney Aaron Goldstein later confirmed they initially got lost on the way to the facility," or something. BOO. And also: Good save, lawyer dude! Anyway, Blago is now inmate No. 40892-424, the end. [NBC Chicago]


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